CS Executive Study Plan for June 2019 Exam

CS Executive Study Plan for June 2019 exam

A proper guideline and plan is very important for a student to prepare for respective exam. A study plan helps the students in all aspects to deal with exams.

Here in this article you will get the process to approach to crack the CS Executive exams for any attempt.

Last Moment Preparation ,CS Executive Study Plan for June 2019 :

Here are some steps that you can consider while preparing for CS Executive exam that will take least preparation time to crack the exams .

  • Start Preparing  for your exams as soon  as possible
  • You have to commit at least 9 to 10 hours in a day for preparation.
  • Always concentrate to prepare from the study material
  • If you are not able to study alone give preference to online video lectures or purchase few things that may help you to crack the exam
  • Guidelines answer plays a major role in making your answer perfect. Take the help of guidelines answer by ICSI to crack the difficult questions.
  • Try to practise at least one mock question paper  per day.
  • Schedule your time table in away  that you can do at least two revision per day as revision boosts your chance of scoring high marks
  • Do meditation/yoga/exercises

CS Executive Suggested Study Plan

Study Plan for CS Executive :- Some other things which will also help you in preparation for your exam :-

Read the Study Material Thoroughly

Ease your preparation by getting hold on some really good and recommended books. Read about the most relevant and reliable study material for making a full proof preparation. Know about some bonus online study resources to save you a lot of time and for an invariable practice hours.


Practice makes a man perfect. Students must practice as much as possible. Many students start practising from various books without first understanding the subject and the concepts involved. This approach is absolutely wrong. You need to make your base first and then start practising.

Develop Your Learning Style

The Help your brain change your behaviour, learning journey will provide you with a set of learning experiences that will help you develop your ability to change. As a Student of this journey, you will increase your awareness of how your brain functions and how you can change your behaviour.

Once you know your learning style, do a self-assessment of your current study habits and your current grades.

Stay Focused

It should be clear from the above that CS examinations are qualitatively different and more demanding than the Graduate and Undergraduate examinations conducted by the Universities. The attitudes and approaches of CS students to their educational training should accordingly be distinctly professional.

Conclusion on CS Executive Study Plan

Here in this article we have covered the following points.

  • Last Moment Preparation for June 2019 exam
  • CS Executive Suggested Study Plan

For further any doubts feel free to ask from the following comment box.

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